Full Service Auto Repair Shop

Paragon Motors will get you back on the road fast and
help keep you there with predictive service tracking

Predictive Service Tracking?

Predictive service analytics reduces the cost of vehicle ownership and reduces unexpected bills by predicting when services are due

Never Buy A Service Before It's Due!

Aging every part, lubricant and fluid in your vehicle by the kilometres you drive per day
Never buy a service before it is due again, know exactly what services are due

Proper Maintenance Saves You Money

Performing regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and reduces costly breakdowns
Reduce expensive repairs. Increase resale value. Keep away from the dealership longer!

Quality Auto Repair In Kelowna

Paragon Motors is a family owned auto repair shop in Kelowna that was established in 1981. Owner, Rick Patterson is a third generation mechanic that took over the business from his father when he retired.

Rick takes pride in having up-to-date diagnostic equipment, efficiently trained auto repair staff and Kelowna’s only auto repair shop using predictive service tracking that providing fleet management for the family owned vehicle.

Important Vehicle Maintenance

Click on any of the maintenance items below to watch a video about why it’s important to your vehicle

Let our customers do the talking

I have been a customer of Paragon Motors for a number of years and I feel like a member of their family. The service is a one, whether it’s a major repair or a simple checking of the tires. They’re always smiling and joking with you yet get the information you require in no time. Thanks.

Penny L

I would not take my car anywhere else! I have been dealing with this shop for over 20 years and recommend them to everyone! Being able to Trust a car repair shop is the best feeling!!!

Anita M

I always get great service at Paragon. They are very thorough and suggest preventative maintenance for your vehicle before problems start. They get to know you and your needs and are very knowledgeable about the mechanical workings of vehicles. They always do great work and will take the time to find the solution to your vehicle’s problem. They have kept their rates very competitive and never try to fix something that is still working. I highly recommend Paragon to anyone who needs a good mechanic. Rick has been my mechanic for 20 years.

Bruno Rossi