Five unique Okanagan attractions you can drive to from Kelowna today!

Nowadays, Okanagan Valley is well-known and well featured in tourism brochures and blogs for its vineyards. However, like all things in life, there’s a lot more to explore besides the wine trails. Rather than playing golf or wine tasting, why don’t you try something different and explore our five unique Okanagan attractions you can drive to from Kelowna today!

  1. O’Keefe Ranch

The first on our list is the historic Okanagan attractive, O’Keefe range. If you enjoy history, then you’ll certainly love going back in time and learning about the history of ranching in British Columbia. The ranch boasts both small and large historic buildings and some of them you can explore.

  1. Davidson Orchards Country Village

If you’re looking for some family fun and hearty farm food, you will surely love Davidson Orchards. It’s a great place to take children of all ages, as there are tons of places to play and explore, along with the Crazy Crow Kids Corral, and the Critter Corral. The kids, at the Critter Coral, can play and interact with the farm animals including the chickens, sheep and goats. If you’re looking for an interactive, hearty drive to an Okanagan attraction then why don’t you visit this hidden gem?

  1. Caravan Farm Theatre

This Okanagan attractive will give you an unbeatable theatre experience, right under the stars. The plays come to life, even at night and it’s known to be a magical evening. The professional Caravan Farm theatre crew hosts the outdoor plays, and it is situated on a stunning 80-acre farm. They put on a range of plays, musicals and full feature shows that include trucks and horses. The summer showing are renowned, why don’t you see what they’re performing this summer?

  1. Mabel Lake

This hidden, isolated natural gem is the perfect spring and summer fishing spot. Although it seems to be off the beaten track, it remarkably easy to find. It’s most well-known for its stunning, relaxing beaches and is ideal for fishing due to the tranquil surroundings. If you visit during the quieter seasons, then you may have the beach exclusive to yourself.

  1. Starlight Drive-In Theatre

Why don’t you take a trip down memory lane and experience a drive-in movie night like no other! The starlight drive-in theatres provide visitors with an unforgettable and somewhat nostalgic cinema experience. Although the movie season hasn’t started yet, it usually begins (depending on weather and attendance) May until September. Oh, and we definitely recommend trying their popcorn, it will just complete the experience.




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