Six amazing waterfalls within driving distance of Kelowna

We’ve nearly had a full month of spring, which means one thing: the cold wintery weather seems like a thing of the past. The greatest thing about spring when you live in driving distance from Kelowna is the seemingly endless amount of waterfalls. We couldn’t think of anything more enjoyable than a springtime hike at one of Kelowna’s amazing waterfalls.

The natural beauty of a waterfall is an experience in itself. Whether you live in the Vancouver area, or you’re planning a trip to British Columbia, you shouldn’t skip out on visiting one or all of these amazing waterfalls. If you’re fortunate enough to live within driving distance of Kelowna, you can immerse yourself in the natural wonder that these waterfalls exude.

So, if you would like to find out more about the six amazing waterfalls, which are within driving distance of Kelowna, you should keep reading.

1# Naramata Falls

This breathtaking waterfall located in Naramata Creek Park. Hike, relax and immerse yourself in the natural beauty! Just don’t forget to wear the right clothing and shoes. Hiking around Naramata Creek Park takes around an hour-two hour, depending on your hiking speed.

2# Hardy Falls

This waterfall hike is great for novice hikers or if you have children. The trail is really easy, and it’s approximately 400 meters long. You will be able to take in some amazing views until you reach Hardy Falls. This hike is also stroller and wheelchair accessible.

3# Canyon Falls

It would help if you definitely had sturdy footwear for this hike, so heels are really not recommended. The hike itself is quite short, but it’s very steep. This waterfall is quite aptly known as a hidden gem of the Crawford subdivision.

4# Fintry Falls

Well, you get not one but three waterfalls, as this West Kelowna hike is home to three, equally impressive waterfalls. Fortunately, the hike is very easy and of course, enjoyable.

5# Bear Creek Regional Falls

If you’re looking for a park to enjoy a springtime picnic with the bonus of a waterfall, you should visit Bear Creek, National Park. The trail is easy to do and is signposted very well; it will take an hour to do the entire hike.

6# Mill Creek Falls

This hike is possibly the longest on our list, since it is approximately one-three kilometres, depending on trail conditions. It is located in Mill Creek National Park, and we recommend planning this hike in advance, especially if it’s been raining on the day or the days leading up to your hike.



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