Matthew Richardson Avatar
Matthew Richardson
7/07/2019 - Google

Paragon Motors was a delight. Not only did they give us the best price, but they actually fixed what was wrong. We had taken our car to another place first and they misdiagnosed the problem. Rick took it around the block and knew exactly what to do to get it purring like a kitten again. Full free diagnostic on top of that. Drew and Susan were super friendly and full of great information. All completely determined to get every kilometre out of our older vehicle. And within our budget. Highly recommend this place to ANYONE. Thanks guys!

John Cook Avatar
John Cook
7/05/2019 - Google

Excellent service and the prices are more than fair. Zero complaints and I will be going back.

Carla Polischuk Avatar
Carla Polischuk
7/02/2019 - Google

Rick and his crew at Paragon motors are awesome!! They are knowledgeable and friendly...the service is great!!!

I trust them with my car 100%!!!

wouter van der hall Avatar
wouter van der hall
4/24/2019 - Google

Pleasant and skilled staff/owners. Always ready to help and adjust to your schedule when needed for more elaborate repairs. Nice massage chair in the waiting area too! Would certainly recommend.

Michael Baccari Avatar
Michael Baccari
4/09/2019 - Google

Awesome, highly recommend. Very nice and accommodating. I had to leave my car there for a few days due to traveling. After they were done with the repair they phoned and asked if I'd like my car to be inspected for any other issues that needed to be addressed.

Freddie Banfield Avatar
Freddie Banfield
3/27/2019 - Google

Always good. No complaints. Drews the best hands down.

Joe Bell Avatar
Joe Bell
2/21/2019 - Facebook

best service in town by far

Phil Spoelstra Avatar
Phil Spoelstra
2/18/2019 - Facebook

I've never been more motivated to write a review than this! My wife came off the Coquihalla from Vancouver with some car problems and couldn't find a place open on Saturday that could help her. She found Paragon Motors who showed her kindness, respect and understanding. They fixed the problem quicker than expected and cheaper than expected. I am so grateful that businesses like these still exist. I soooooo appreciate them treating my wife so well in her time of crisis.

Phil S. Avatar
Phil S.
5 star rating
2/18/2019 - Yelp

I've never been more motivated to write a review than this!  My wife came off the Coquihalla from Vancouver with some car problems and couldn't find a place open on Saturday that could help her.    She found Paragon Motors who showed her kindness, respect and understanding.  They fixed the problem quicker than expected and cheaper than expected.   I am so grateful that businesses like these still exist.  I soooooo appreciate them treating my wife so well in her time of crisis.

Laurie Paxton Avatar
Laurie Paxton
1/21/2019 - Google

The best mechanical, customer and personal service. I recently had quite a hiccup and Drew, Rick and their team stick handled everything so professionally and with empathy for my situation. Thank you so much. True integrity.

Bill Roper Avatar
Bill Roper
11/14/2018 - Facebook

Drew, Rick @ Susan have been simply awesome!!

I brought in a very uncommon car and they were amazing!!!

No BS, just plain facts no attempt to over sell!!

Bill Roper

Haley D Avatar
Haley D
11/12/2018 - Google

Paragon Motors provides excellent service. They got me in for an oil change and to mount and balance my tires right away when all other shops were booked for a couple weeks. They are very thorough and provide a breakdown of upcoming maintenance they suggest for you to consider in the future each with a full quote and even provide an idea of imminence for these issues. I've always had great service here. I'll keep going back for sure.

Larry Peters Avatar
Larry Peters
8/13/2018 - Facebook

Great service. Saved my RV vacation by getting my travel van in and changing a water pump in under 48 hours. It's scary finding someone from a different promise that you can trust to (A) Not rip you off and (B) Get the job done right. Great job folks.👍

Melissa Haney Avatar
Melissa Haney
7/17/2018 - Facebook

If I could give 10 stars I would! We are from out of town and when my truck broke down in 40+ degree weather and I was stranded with my two kids and no husband they bent over backwards to fix my truck and got me back on the road in a matter of hours! They didn’t have to do that for me but I am forever grateful! It wasn’t a minor repair and they were excellent with calling me to confirm cost before they did the full workup. Seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen at a mechanic shop... a massage chair!! Highly recommend them �

Barbara Burns Avatar
Barbara Burns
3/29/2018 - Facebook

These guys helped us out when no one else would or were too busy. We were from out of town they went out of there way to help us. Thanks again so much for your help.

Sarah Draht Avatar
Sarah Draht
10/11/2017 - Facebook

Andrea Rachel Avatar
Andrea Rachel
9/28/2017 - Facebook

These guys are awesome! My roommate and I took his car in because the battery was old, they were so genuinely friendly and stayed at least an hour after they closed to put a new battery in for us, and they barely charged us anything! Definitely going back for any future issues.

Nick Rosdal Avatar
Nick Rosdal
9/22/2017 - Facebook

They fix things for us when we need things fixed. Always friendly and quick service. Would highly recommend.

Caley Krantz Avatar
Caley Krantz
9/22/2017 - Facebook

Always happy with the service and staff. This is the ONLY place I bring my vehicles; and I live in Vernon. The staff is always thorough and they make sure to provide a detailed list of everything that needs to be done; as well as a list of everything that should get done. They are always trying to find the best price and never try to add extras.

David Kirk Avatar
David Kirk
9/14/2017 - Facebook


Angie Dittmer Avatar
Angie Dittmer
5/05/2017 - Facebook

I was in from out for the weekend and my brakes were making a grinding noise. I called Paragon and the customer service was great. They got my vehicle in that day, gave me a quote within the hour and promised that the vehicle would be completed the same day.

Thank you

Steve Conrad Avatar
Steve Conrad
3/22/2017 - Facebook

Taking your first vehicle to a mechanic for the first time is probably one of the most stressful experiences ever, especially when it was purchased at Auction and wasn't checked out in a garage...

Paragon Motors took that stress right away. They were extremely helpful in explaining what I needed to look out for in the vehicle and other tips for myself as a first time owner, their explanations were clear and concise too.

The service was unexpectedly speedy, the cost for all the work done ended up being less than I was expecting, and the extras such as the wash really make this place my go to now.

And don't just believe me, look at all the reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google and elsewhere. It's what guided me to Paragon and let it guide you here too. You won't be disappointed!

Johnny Lee M. Avatar
Johnny Lee M.
5 star rating
3/13/2017 - Yelp

I've been taking my 2003 Mazda Protégé to Paragon Motors for about 5 years now. They are honest, trustworthy and don't push to purchase above and beyond what is needed. Very personable with their pre-existing clients and new ones alike. For the Paragon Motor Team it isn't about upselling it's about keeping you and your family safe on the roads! Plus, if they aren't slammed behind the scenes they wash your car for you when you get it back!!! A++ as far as this client goes. Way to go boys, keep it up!

Laura Cruse Avatar
Laura Cruse
1/26/2017 - Facebook

Terrific place to go. Have tried others and it gives me confidence that my vehicles are well taken care of. Thanks guys!

Kristy Nicole Jackson Avatar
Kristy Nicole Jackson
1/07/2017 - Facebook

My car broke down while visiting friends in Kelowna and I was pleasently surprised at the quick service and reasonable rates. I received the same helpful and friendly service I have grown accustomed too living in a small town. I would recommend Paragon Motors A++

Brian Mack Avatar
Brian Mack
12/06/2016 - Facebook

Lynne Magda Contos Avatar
Lynne Magda Contos
10/27/2016 - Facebook

Kate Young Avatar
Kate Young
8/17/2016 - Facebook

These guys were super friendly and totally honest. No major upselling, just did what they were supposed to do and made a suggestion for my next service, which will be tracked and they will email me in 6 months for an oil change so I don't have to remember..awesome!

Sylvie Hahto Boback Avatar
Sylvie Hahto Boback
8/06/2016 - Facebook

Wonderful, cheerful and efficient staff. Rick addressed our concerns and found the solution. My 1997 vehicle runs smoothly now.. . Thanks so much!

Mike Cooper Avatar
Mike Cooper
5/08/2016 - Facebook

Besides all the great personal services, Paragon has a unique maintenance tracking system that gives me a report card of my vehicle. No more guessing games, I always know exactly what maintenance is due when base on how many kilometers I drive a day. I can finally review my vehicles maintenance plan and budget ahead of time instead of it being sprung on me at the shop.

Thanks for making my maintenance easy!

Ryan A. Avatar
Ryan A.
5 star rating
11/06/2015 - Yelp

Very friendly and checked everything. Tell you what you need, the price and print it out for you but do not push you into any repairs. Will definitely go back again.

Anita Millar Avatar
Anita Millar
6/25/2015 - Facebook

I have been having my cars serviced here since 1991. I would not take my car anywhere else. They are honest, only do what is needed and give you plenty of notice on what needs to be done. I recommend Paragon to all my family and friends and they all feel the same!!!! Rick, Dallas and Mike are the best!

Colin Moorman Avatar
Colin Moorman
6/20/2015 - Facebook

I've been going here for years!!! They are absolutely the best!!!

Lauren K. Avatar
Lauren K.
5 star rating
5/22/2015 - Yelp

I purchased a Group On deal for 2 oil changes, 2 inspections and 2 car washes. I made the purchase having never been there but the Group On reviews seemed good.

I happened to drive by so I went in to make the appointment for the first change, inspection and car wash. Let me tell you, Dallas is the nicest, most professional and well informed person I have ever dealt with in an auto body shop.

We need a small repair done on top of the appointment and it was done no problem for a minimal charge. Having just moved to Kelowna and finishing a 4 day drive across the country, we had our car inspected before we set out by our mechanic of 15+ years.

Paragon Motors inspection listed the exact same items that our previous mechanic did and there were no surprises. This gave me a sigh of relief and I now have full trust in Paragon. I highly recommend.

Tracy Teal Avatar
Tracy Teal
5/17/2015 - Facebook

Amazing, friendly service, from amazing, friendly staff!