5 Tips to finding a great auto repair shop

Allow me to give you a scenario, you’re driving and halfway through your trip and your car breaks down. The logical thing you can do is to call up your mechanic and have him tow your car to the garage and fix it. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t your predicament right now, but its nice to know an auto repair shop you trust before this happens. But how do you select from the plethora of auto repair shops? Don’t worry, here are five tips to finding a great auto repair shop:

Does the auto repair shop have a good reputation?

The first thing to do is ask around, start with your friends, family and your workplace. Ask them about which auto repair shops they use. This reduces the risk of being referred to scams and phonies. This also allows you to get referred to people who have an excellent reputation. Also check online reviews to see what others, who you don’t know, say about them. That way you have an unbiased opinion about the auto repair shop.

Does the auto repair shop charge a fair price?

Price will cloud your judgment; we understand that you want a great deal. However do not make your decision based solely on this, the cheapest rates may not have the best service. Likewise, expensive rates do not guarantee good service, you may end up with an expensive place with abysmal service. Compare the fine details in the quote to make sure one quote is not missing something the other quote has. This can make a big difference in the price. The cheaper quote may have missed something they will end up charging you for later.

Ask the repair shop Questions:

The last but not the least, ask the auto service place questions about themselves. Play 20 questions, interview them, with the subject of the questions being the questions or queries you may have. Now you can find out if they can provide the kind of service you require. Search for places that supply customers with warranties on parts as well as a customer guarantee. Do not forget to ask about the certifications held by the employees and the years of experience in the field that the employees have.

Is the repair shop using the latest in technology to serve you better?

Like everything else, technology is changing our lives for the better. Repair shops are no different. Today’s modern repair shops are constantly investing in technology to keep up with modern vehicle demands. One of these technologies is called “Predictive Service Tracking Analytics” Paragon prides itself in offering this service free of charge to all of its customers.

What is Predictive Service Tracking Analytics?

In short, this technology ages all of the parts, lubricants, and fluids and ages them by the kilometers you drive per day. This designs a custom maintenance schedule for your vehicle based on its usage. This is the same technology that fleet managers for police, firefighters, and ambulances use for their vehicles to keep them reliable and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. With this technology, you will be getting the most out of every kilometer in your vehicle. Never buy a service before it’s due and keep your vehicle maintained to last years longer, saving you money in the long run.

Is your Diesel Vehicle performing properly?

diesel vehicleAs your diesel engine runs, not all the fuel is completely burned or combusted. This incomplete combustion leaves residues that cause the build up of carbon deposits on the injectors, valves, pistons and other engine components.

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Excellent service and prices. Thanks. Highly recommend. I would rate the garage as one of the best. Make sure to stop for your next car service. ~Heather M.

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