Symptoms of a Failing Cooling System

Symptoms of a Failing Cooling System

Jun 19, 2018

Symptoms of a Failing Cooling System

Vehicles rely on the coordination and synergy of many different systems in order to operate effectively, and the cooling system is no exception. A failing cooling system could cause your engine to overheat, which is needless to say very dangerous. The vast majority of cars use a liquid coolant in order to cool their engine, although a failing cooling system could lead to problems which may cause irreparable engine damage.

So, what exactly are the symptoms of a failing cooling system? If you experience any of the following signs, you could have a failing cooling system on your hands!

Smoke/steam coming from under the hood

Smoke or steam coming from under your hood should be a no-brainer signal to pull over and investigate. Most likely, your vehicle is overheating and needs to be switched off as quickly as possible. If this happens, pull over somewhere safe and call a mechanic to let them know that your car has a failing cooling system.

Low coolant levels

It’s recommended that you check out your coolant reservoir every now and then when your engine is cool. A low coolant level could indicate a coolant leak, which needs fixing right away if you don’t want to cause damage to your engine. Whenever you check your oil level, be sure to check your coolant level too!

“Rising temperature” dashboard gauge

If you notice a “rising temperature” dashboard gauge, you need to pull over quickly and let your engine cool down – it appears that you have a failing cooling system. More modern and advanced cars will often have this engine temperature warning light, although older or more primitive models will usually not come with this feature.

Clearly visible coolant leak

Engine coolant smells very sweet and is often bright green in color, making it easy to spot when it’s leaking. If this description matches a liquid which collects under your car, you have a failing cooling system on your hands and you need to get your vehicle booked in for repair right away.

White exhaust smoke

White exhaust smoke can sometimes indicate a failing cooling system. This is because the coolant is leaking into the engine and getting burned in the combustion chamber, with coolant burning white rather than exhaust smoke’s usual grayish color.

Is your engine overheating regularly? Do you think that you have a failing cooling system in your vehicle? Get in touch with Paragon Motors today and book an appointment before your engine suffers further damage!