The Importance of Routine Auto Maintenance

The Importance of Routine Auto Maintenance

May 21, 2018

When you buy a vehicle, whether it is brand new or used, you always need to consider its future maintenance. You want your vehicle to remain reliable, safe, and road-legal as time goes on, so it is important to carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle. Staying on top of your vehicle’s condition with cheap and regular maintenance is the best way to prevent bigger problems from developing due to neglect. Though there are many types of maintenance, below we have listed some of the most common types which you should consider carrying out on a routine basis with a reputable mechanic.

Fluid Flushes

Cars contain many different types of fluid, which are used for things such as lubricating the engine and cleaning your windscreen. These need to be flushed out and changed from time to time in order to ensure proper functioning and cleanliness. Fluids here may include power steering fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolant.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes ensure that your engine is properly lubricated, which is essential for auto maintenance. Changing a vehicle’s oil also removes grime, dirt, and debris from inside the engine, thereby increasing its overall fuel efficiency and power. Oil changes are one of the most important pieces of maintenance; they could lead to major engine failure if not performed regularly.


Transmission Service

Your transmission requires regular maintenance work if you wish to keep shifting gears seamlessly. A transmission service includes replacing the transmission fluid and changing the transmission fluid filter which it passes through. In certain cases, it may also be necessary to change the pan gasket, depending on its condition.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance Services

Lots of other maintenance procedures come under the category of factory-scheduled maintenance services. These important checkups mean that your car may have its hoses or belts replaced, as well as things such as spark plugs and spark plug wires. We may also perform general safety checks, computer diagnostics, and many other tests which ensure that your car is safe and road-legal.

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