5 Ways to Enjoy a Kelowna Winter Drive

5 Ways to Enjoy a Kelowna Winter Drive

Oct 27, 2018


As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to plummet, Kelowna experiences a dazzling and picturesque change in weather which can be mesmerizing and unique for all kinds of visitors. Here are 5 ways to enjoy Kelowna in the winter.

Go on an Okanagan road trip!

Although road trips are often associated with sunny drives through arid deserts, Route 97 straight through the Okanagan Corridor is a thing of beauty in the winter with fresh snow in the hills. If you want to see British Columbia look like a true winter wonderland, go on a wintertime road trip! Just make sure that the driving conditions are safe and you have proper winter tires in good condition.

Spend time in Wine Country

Kelowna is famed for its rich reds and vintage wines, so why not spend some cozy evenings together with your partner tasting some of the finest wine which BC has to offer? You won’t be disappointed from the variety of wineries that are open year round!

Winter Camping around Kelowna

Assuming you have the right gear, camping in winter can be a unique and wonderful experience! Whether you’re in a tent or an RV, get your mulled wine and marshmallow skewers at the ready, soaking in the beautiful natural landscape every morning. Before you head out, ensure your vehicle is equipped with a winter roadside kit to keep you safe.

Go skiing

Multiple mountain resorts and skiing spots are within a stone’s throw of Kelowna, so you needn’t go far to find great skiing. Skiing resorts with champagne snow powder are peppered with festive and quaint little towns, and there are plenty of activities available for non-skiers too! The roads to the ski hills can offer some of the most challenging winter driving. Make sure you have winter tires with the snowflake or M&S on them.

Explore the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Take a guided snowshoe tour through the Kettle Valley Rail Trail! On this journey, you’ll come across numerous tunnels and trestles as your guide tells you about the local lore and history of the area.

However you like to spend your winter, there’s so much to do in Kelowna! Before you head out, make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and in good running order to avoid breaking down on the side of the cold winter roads.