Explore Canada’s National Parks in 2017

Canada is rich with natural beauty, showcased brilliantly through our national parks.  Canada’s network of national parks stretches across the country, covering every region, and in 2017 you can explore them for free!  Get your vehicle ready and plan a trip this year!

Our national parks are amongst the most spectacular in the world.  They highlight the diverse and powerful natural environment that makes up our country.  Canada’s National Parks have existed for well over a century and there is no better time to explore them than during the country’s 150th anniversary in 2017.

Parks Canada is responsible for both protecting the ecosystems of these magnificent natural areas and managing them.  By law, National Parks are protected to ensure that they are maintained for future generations.  They are preserved so that all Canadians and visitors can appreciate and enjoy them while gaining a greater understanding of the country’s natural environment.  They show off the power of nature while capturing the amazing variety of geography and history of Canada.  The parks cover mountains, plains, forests, tundra, glaciers, lakes and a huge variety of wildlife and their natural habitats.

National parks can be found in every province and territory of the country and range from the tiny Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada (in Ontario and just 14 square kilometers) to Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta which is almost 45,000 square kilometers.  In British Columbia, we are fortunate to have access to many of the most spectacular parks.

Heading east from the Okanagan, you can easily visit the well-known Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, and Yoho National Park, and see the National Historic Sites at Yellowhead Pass and Rogers Pass.  These amazing parks and sites showcase both the history of the Rocky Mountains and display there grandeur and beauty.  Elsewhere in the province, you can take in the coastal beauty at Pacific Rim National Park reserve.  To plan a trip to any of BC’s parks, start with the trip planner from Parks Canada:  http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/voyage-travel/region/West/t1.aspx

Admission to National Parks, Historic Sites and Marine Conservation Areas is free in 2017 if you have a Discovery Pass, available from Parks Canada.  You can order your Discovery Pass at http://www.commandesparcs-parksorders.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/parksb2che

Be prepared before you head out to visit our National Parks!

In addition to planning your trip with the help of Parks Canada, ensure that your vehicle is ready for the trip.  Many of our parks feature drives through high mountain passes and challenging weather conditions.  It is important to ensure that you have the right tires and that your vehicle is prepared for a long trip.  Prior to leaving, have your vehicle serviced an inspected by a reliable and reputable auto service shop like Paragon Motors in Kelowna.  Paragon’s professionals will ensure that all the important systems or your vehicle are in working order.  They will inspect your brakes, fluids, belts, heater and cooling system, your battery and lights.  In addition, have them inspect your wiper blades and make sure you have blades appropriate for your driving conditions.  Knowing that all of your systems are in top shape and that fluids are topped up will make for a worry-free visit to our parks

If you are visiting the parks in winter you will also want to check your tires.  It is mandatory to have winter tires on your vehicle for many BC highways from October until March.  Have Paragon check your tires and confirm that they are appropriate for your driving conditions.  If your tires need replacing do so now – you do not want to be stranded on a mountain pass because of the wrong tires.  You also don’t want to be stranded because of a flat tire – check that you have a properly inflated spare and know how to use your jack.

For any advice on preparing your vehicle for a road trip, or for a full inspection before you head out, call Paragon Motors in Kelowna.  We will ensure that your vehicle is as ready as you are to explore Canada’s natural beauty!

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