How to find the best auto repair Kelowna

There is little worse than spending hard earned money in an auto repair Kelowna shop without getting the expected results. When it comes to the safety and integrity of your car, excuses for bad jobs just won’t cut it. Kelowna residents have a variety of auto shops to choose from, so how do you know where’s the best service in town provided? You can’t just check them all one after the other.

While it is literally impossible to maintain a perfect feedback, Paragon Motors is certainly aiming very close to this. There are plenty of reviews to prove the above statement, and here is why Paragon Motors rates so high. Let’s have a look at the main characteristics that make an auto shop great for customers and cars alike.

Is the auto shop modern?

As technology advances, new methods and machines are being developed to improve the repair and maintenance process of vehicles. It’s important for auto repair shops to keep up with technology so their efficiency increases. Paragon Motors uses the latest equipment and technologies in predictive analytic service tracking to make diagnosis and repairs in less time but with same or better results.

As Angie Dittmer reveals on Facebook:

They got my vehicle in that day, gave me a quote within the hour and promised that the vehicle would be completed the same day. Thank you.”

Are you charged honestly?

There is common practice between some auto shops to upsell particular clients, especially when the invoice doesn’t pick up good numbers. Throwing in unneeded services is bad practice and you should definitely avoid any car shop that does this. Paragon Motors has established a reputation for never using such practices. Clients are only charged for the repairs that the car actually needs. Furthermore, with the unique vehicle service tracking, clients actually get maintenance when the car needs it, not a mile sooner.

Barlow Havelock shares his mind on Paragon Motors practices:

“For the Paragon Motor team, it isn’t about upselling it’s about keeping you and your family safe on the roads!”

Is the staff friendly?

There’s a particularly good vibe in any workshop when the staff is genuinely friendly. Offering advice and smiles goes a long way. Do you feel welcome in the auto shop? Paragon Motors clients are constantly praising the attitude of the team.

Here’s what Steve Conrad has to say about this:

“They were extremely helpful in explaining what I needed to look out for in the vehicle and other tips for myself as a first-time owner, their explanations were clear and concise too.”

Most people offering feedback about Paragon Motors are thrilled by customer service, quoting “felt like a regular, although it was my first time here”. A number of Google reviews claim a high level of knowledge from the staff.


It’s hard to make everyone happy and also do a great job fixing and maintaining cars. With the family spirit deeply embedded in the business, Paragon Motors does its best to satisfying customers, providing fair fees and wasting no time in the process. The results speak for themselves through the sea of positive feedback.

While the options for fixing your car in Kelowna are vast, only a handful of them can prove they can guarantee satisfaction based on their online reviews. Do some online research for reviews before making a decision on which mechanic you want to trust with your vehicle.

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Friendliest Garage around!

I went in to this garage with a Groupon to get an oil change. When I left they gave me three pages of things that needed to be done to the car starting with the first page and the most serious items. That gave me a chance to budget, and I would phone in and I'd say I want page-one done on Monday, then a couple of months later I would phone in and say I'd need to page two done. Every time they came under budget, which is awesome! They are very friendly and they take a lot of time explaining to you about the car... an all-around nice atmosphere! ~Ann G.

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