How to Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance

How to Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance

Feb 10, 2018

How to Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance

Proper vehicle maintenance extends the life of your car, minimizes the likelihood of costly repairs, and increases your resale value. Below is what you need to know to save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on driving, repairs, and maintenance.

Schedule Reminders For Your Preventative Maintenance

Your owner’s manual provides you with a guide for suggested vehicle maintenance by miles and age. Staying on top of this maintenance schedule is the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of future repairs and improve fuel efficiency. Keep in mind that your manual is just a guide designed to make your maintenance schedule easy. Unfortunately, life and unexpected repairs make using this schedule pretty much impossible. Paragon Motors uses a state of the art predictive service tracking analytic system that builds you a custom maintenance schedule based on your service history and the miles you drive per day. Once a schedule is determined, you will be consulted about all the major maintenance services your vehicle needs. This includes your oil changes, tune-ups, transmission flush, brakes, and much more. You will know exactly what services are past due and the exact date they are due in the future.

DIY Monthly Inspections

In-between your maintenance and service visits, there are a few things you can do:

  • Keep your vehicle clean, including the undercarriage. Moving parts covered in dirt and mud create resistance and are more prone to rust and corrosion. A clean vehicle lasts longer and runs more efficient.
  • Never let your fuel run below 1/4 tank. This will help prevent contaminants from entering the fuel system and moisture build up in the tank during cold winters. Both can cause issues with the fuel system of your vehicle.
  • Learn how to check your tire pressure and add more air as needed. Proper air pressure can extend the life of your tires and increase fuel efficiency.

Tire Maintenance Is Important

Speaking of tires, make sure to have your tires balanced at least once a year. This will extend their life as the tread will wear more evenly. Not just that but it will improve traction. Also, learn to visually inspect your tires for uneven wear, bubbles, or damage.

Last but not least,

As soon as you notice a change in sound, smell, or performance—stop by our Kelowna auto repair shop ASAP. The sooner we can inspect and diagnose a problem, the most likely you will spend less on repairs and avoid a breakdown that could leave you stranded.