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Fleet management for the family owned vehicle

  • Blue: Previously Serviced, due on date/miles shown
  • Red: Previously Serviced, now overdue
  • Black: Never serviced before

Auto Repair Kelowna & Family Vehicle Maintenance

A new way to maintain your vehicle

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle around 80% of the mechanics across North America follow the same process. They take your vehicle year, make, model and last recorded odometer, then quote the vehicle manufacturer for what maintenance should be performed.

While this process may sound good, it’s missing a very important piece of the puzzle. It does not consider the amount of kilometers you drive per day and your service history. The vehicle manufacturer has no idea that you have flushed your coolant a year ago, replaced your front brakes 2 years ago or that you had a dead battery three months ago and bought a new one.

Accurate tracking = Lower cost of ownership

Some of the best shops across North America, including Paragon Motors have discovered there is a better way to offer a specific maintenance plan for your vehicle that greatly reduces the cost of vehicle ownership. It’s what is called fleet management for the family owned vehicle.

Instead of looking at the vehicle manufacturer suggested maintenance schedule, fleet management for the family owned vehicle looks at your service history and tracks all of your parts, lubricants and fluids and ages them by the amount of kilometers you drive per day. This process squeezes every kilometer out of those parts, lubricant’s and fluid ensuring you never buy a service before it is needed. Proper tracked maintenance like this will make your vehicle last longer, keeping you away from the dealership a few more years, again saving you thousands of dollars.

Changing the cconversation

Vehicle maintenance made easy:

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