Winter Wiper Blades VS Summer Wiper Blades

It’s winter time and you know you need new wiper blades. Now you are faced with needing winter blades or summer blades. While summer blades can do the job in the Okanagan year round, there are some advantages to using winter blades. Here are the differences.

Winter Wiper Blades

Anti-clogging armor

Winter blades are generally covered with a rubber shield. This shield helps make sure that moisture, snow, and ice do not get into the frame and joints causing them to freeze and not give proper contact to the windshield.

Sturdy frame design

Winter wiper blades are constructed of heavier steel and are designed to deal with frozen windshields and moving snow away from the window.

Synthetic Rubber

The rubber used on the blade is different from summer wiper blades. its designed to stay soft and flexible under freezing conditions.

Summer Wiper Blades

Lattice arms with moving parts

Summer wiper blades feature what is called a “lattice” framework that uses multiple pivot points on the bars to give an even pressure on the windshield to keep the window clean and dry.

Lightweight frame

A lighted smaller frame keeps the wipers working fast and do not obstruct the view as much as winter blades do.

Light layer of natural rubber

Great for summer use the natural rubber cleans well in hotter temperatures.

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