Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Snow and ice may be dandy for skiing and playing hockey but it’s certainly not a lot of fun to drive on. The arrival of winter provides vehicle owners with a variety of additional challenges above and beyond slippery roads and reduced visibility. Batteries, breaks, heating and air conditioning, anti-freeze, wipers… the list of potential problems is almost endless.

Safety and comfort are imperative for vehicle owners year-round, however, come winter those priorities are even more daunting. After all, who enjoys standing outside in freezing cold weather trying to jump a battery or scrape a car window doing the work that proper anti-freeze could have resolved?

Here’s an Okanagan designed winter worry reduction program for you to check off allowing you to simply relax and concentrate on the road in front of you. If you are not up to handling these tasks yourself we suggest you let a trusted mechanic or vehicle maintenance and repair company take care of it.

A reliable worry reduction plan means:

Inspect your tires
Nothing matters more than having quality tires to handle winter conditions. Check the tread depth for safety standards, test the air pressure (tires lose pressure when it gets cold). Make sure the tires are balanced.

Check your antifreeze
Antifreeze is your vehicle’s ‘coffee’ keeping your vehicle’s internal system warm and awake for the task ahead. It’s an essential component of your vehicles’ protection.

Replace your wipers
Winter conditions can cause great wear and tear on your car wipers. If your vision is restricted because of worn out or damaged wipers you are putting yourself, family, or employees at risk. Often, sensible safety precautions come down to paying attention to small details such as wipers. Paying attention now can save you paying huge bills later.

Check your windshield washer fluid
Want to see how much you rely on ample windshield washer fluid? Spend five minutes behind a semi-trailer or SUV on a snow-covered highway and the answer will be literally right in front of you. If you can’t see out the window disaster is inevitable.

Regular Routine Troubleshooting
A winter vehicle inspection is a smart time to do some annual all-around maintenance. There is no better time than ‘right now’ to be safe rather than sorry.

Whether its headlights, taillights, emergency lights – during the dark and visually impacted conditions of winter you want to make sure that your vehicle stands out. Simply testing of your lights can save you time, money, and injury down the road.

Spark plug wires
Faulty or frayed sparkplug wires affect performance, gas mileage and general reliability. Be sure yours are in top shape.

Inspect your brakes
Brakes keep you alive. Make sure your brakes will get you through the rigors of winter and keep you out of harm’s way. Have them inspected regularly

Check Your Engine Oil
This is a must do, especially in winter. Running out of oil can be a disaster on your engine.

Clean your battery posts
Nothing can be more frustrating than a car that won’t start. Regularly treating your battery to a cleaning can keep electrical problems away and keep you from standing on the side of the road in a winter storm.

Cold weather safety is imperative no matter where you live; even the Okanagan Valley.

Paragon Motors in Kelowna is an excellent choice of a qualified, professional, and caring community-owned business dedicated to making sure your vehicle is safe and sound for winter driving. Let Paragon Motors take care of your vehicle maintenance, so you can put your full energy into looking after all the other needs of your loved ones. Your family will thank you for it.

Ask about your lifetime protection plan when you use TerraClean products with your service.

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