Five Warning Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Vehicle


Road trips are something we all have embarked upon at least once in our lives. Sometimes for work and sometimes they are entirely for recreational. Before we embark on any road trip, we should make sure our vehicles are in good condition. If we need a tune-up, we take care of it and if something needs fixing, we take care of it at a Kelowna car repair shop. Other times, you may not realize there is something wrong with your car. An example is an unfamiliar, tiny rattling noise could be an indication of something much direr. The longer you ignore the warning signs, the more it could cost you to get the problem fixed. Here are five warning signs to look for in your car:

Temperature gauge fluctuation

Watch for signs if your vehicle’s temperature gauge is displaying a constant slow fluctuation after warm-up, it may mean the air is flowing into the engine’s cooling system. If there is, any slight dip happening after the first few minutes of driving that is normal. Watch and observe if it is constantly or repetitively temperature fluctuation can be a cause for concern. The main cause of air infiltration failing is the intake manifold or cylinder head gasket is not functioning properly. Bring your vehicle to a Kelowna car repair for your mechanic to have your temperature gauge checked.

Flickering headlights

While driving over bumps you notice your headlights seem to be flickering. This indicates there might be a broken or loose headlamp mount. If you notice the flickering driving along smooth roads it could be either poor ground wiring or a failing alternator. If ignored the problem could lead to a dead battery or an overheated wiring circuit. Have your vehicle headlamps checked as soon as possible by a mechanic.

Pulling or drifting

If your car develops a pull or a drift to one side, check your tire pressure. It might be an underinflated front tire. If you find you need more steering correction due to the vehicle wandering, then check your rear tire pressure. Bring your vehicle to your local mechanic to have them check the alignment is balance correctly too.

Running Rough

For older carbureted engines, a little engine stumble or rough running on cold start was normal. Fuel injection systems soon took care of the uneven idles, but they still need a good spark to get things running smoothly. If your car is giving a little rumble or rough idle, have your mechanic look. The problem might be a worn spark or wire set.


Do you hear droning noises coming from your SUV or truck equipped with a rear axle? If the droning noise is coming from behind, slow down, and then gradually accelerate while driving in a straight line. If the noise changes in pitch or volume, your rear axle gears may need attention. This might be a simple fix by replacing pinion and side bearing set. Alternatively, it might be a major expense replacing the gears. Best to bring your vehicle to a Kelowna car repair for a mechanic to check things out.

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