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Nowadays, cars are less time consuming as far as the maintenance goes. There are some parts of newer models that the manufacturers created to be maintenance free throughout their lifespan, such as the lubing of the chassis and suspension. In some cases, you don’t have to change spark plugs until a car gets over 100,000 kilometers. And, the most interesting part is that you can now trust your car to get you where you need to go safely and quickly without having issues if it’s properly maintained.

What’s more, reliability has greatly improved. The result is that most recent model trucks and cars should be able to go 300,000 kilometers if they are well maintained.

Here are a few simple, periodic checks and procedures you can do that will help you get there.

Check the Engine Oil

Always check the engine oil regularly, if your vehicle’s engine is in good condition you can check monthly; but check often if you find out you need to add oil routinely or notice an oil leak. If you do have a leak, make sure you fix it immediately at a Kelowna car repair facility like Paragon Motors.

Check Tire Air Pressure

The next thing you will have to check after changing the oil is the tire pressure. Always do this before any road trip. Make use of an accurate tire-pressure gauge to confirm the inflation pressure in each tire, including the spare.

Wash the Car

Wash your car regularly. Wash the body thoroughly and also hose out the fender wells and undercarriage to get rid of dirt and other particles. Dirt and mud that builds up under the vehicle quickly adds extra weight and can cause premature wearing of parts.

Other Checks at Each Oil Change

Generally, most automobile manufacturers recommend that the engine oil and filter should be replaced after every 10,000 kilometers or six months. But for “severe” driving with constant, very cold starts and short trips, dusty conditions, or trailer towing—the engine oil and filter change duration should be reduced to every 3,500 kilometers or three months. (Check your owner’s manual for the specific intervals recommended for your vehicle.) Special engines like turbocharged and diesel engines may require more-frequent oil changes.

  • Check the air filter.
  • Check the constant CV joint boots and immediately replace anyone that is cut, leaking or cracked.
  • Inspect the exhaust system for changes in sound while driving. It’s always advisable to change the whole exhaust system instead of repairing a section at different intervals.
  • Check the brakes and replace extremely worn pads or linings.
  • Check the fluid level, if the brake fluid level is low, top it up and have the system checked for leaks at Kelowna car repair.
  • Clean the radiator to prevent overheating by removing dirt clog up with a soft brush and wash the external part of the radiator with a good detergent solution.
  • Check the battery to confirm that all battery’s terminals and cables are securely attached, with no corrosion.

Regular Maintenance for Every Two to Four Years

  • Change the timing belt.
  • Drain and flush the cooling system.
  • Replace the drive belts and hoses.
  • Change the automatic transmission fluid.

By keeping up to date with your maintenance you are going to greatly increase the lifespan of your vehicle. It will also increase the re-sale value of your vehicle and make it easier to sell. Most importantly, a well-maintained vehicle is safer for you, your family, and those around you. If you have any questions about your vehicle maintenance, call us at


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It's a pleasure to walk into the shop and see the family at Paragon, because that's how we feel about them. We had a break in our brake hose and they fit us in. Wonderful, especially considering we were about to leave Kelowna for a trip to Calgary. Talk about timing, and then having Paragon squeeze us in. Great techs, great service! It's the royal touch! ~Sheldon S.

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