Kelowna Transmission: What is a Transmission Flush?

Why you need a Transmission Flush!

Unfortunately, A transmission flush is something that we don’t often think about until the vehicle starts malfunctioning (slipping or not going into gear). This service is important to the health and maintenance of your vehicle, and if done properly, is an excellent preventative maintenance procedure.

The quality of your vehicle’s transmission fluid will degrade over time

As a result, it will lose its ability to cool and lubricate the gears. Performing a transmission fluid flush service at regular intervals will extend the life of your transmission and help prevent failure.

Definition of a transmission flush:

A transmission flush is a maintenance procedure where all of the old oil in a transmission is removed, and new and fresh oil is run through it. The machine allows the vehicle’s transmission to push out grime and sludge, and then it is filled up with new oil. The process removes any debris that may have accumulated, and then new, fresh oil is filled.

The effectiveness of a transmission flush:

A transmission flush is a necessary maintenance procedure for your vehicle. A regular flush can aid in removing residual material and overused oil from the engine, improving its performance and its lifespan.

Some vehicles like the Dodge Caravan have a reputation of having a “bad” transmission that tends to fail early in the vehicles life (Under 150,000 kilometers). In our years of maintaining transmissions, we have found that the biggest failure is due to not flushing and servicing the transmission enough. By simply implementing a proper maintenance schedule you are able to extend the life of this transmission to well over 250,000 kilometers, saving you thousands in unwanted breakdowns and repairs.

Transmission Flush vs. Change

Flush Definition:

In a flush, a professional grade machine is used to completely flush out all the transmission fluid from your vehicle and remove any contaminants such as grime, sludge, debris and overused oil from the torque converter and cooler lines. This is done to ensure that the transmission runs smoothly without issues. A special solution is run through the lines until they come out completely clean, and then the system is filled up with new and fresh fluid.

Change Definition:

On the other hand, a fluid change simply drains the transmission parts using natural gravitational forces. This method doesn’t drain all the fluid in the system and not all contaminants are flushed out. Only 20%-40% of the total volume is drained using this method.

Both methods are used to improve and extend the performance of your vehicle, However, a flush cleans the transmission whereas a change only drains it.

How Often Should a transmission flush be Done?

This maintenance procedure varies from year make and model of your vehicle. We suggest this service be performed every 50,000 km or so. Vehicles that do heavy work such as towing, or drive through sand, dirt, and other harsh terrains, Should perform it a little sooner to prevent excessive wear that could cause failure.

Transmission Flushes are an easy and low-cost maintenance tool to perform on your vehicle.

A new or rebuilding of your transmission costs much more than this affordable maintenance service. It is essential over the lifetime of your vehicle in order to protect it from harmful damage caused by wear and tear.

Ask about your lifetime protection plan when you use TerraClean products with your service.

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